• Famous International Brazilian Football Soccer Star Ronaldinho Commercial Art Sign

    Although the most well-known form of commercial art in Africa is the barbershop or beauty salon sign, those who paint those signs are truly accomplished artists. They are able to paint for anyone’s purposes and often advertise their own artistic talents painting whatever subject appeals to them, most commonly stars of sports and music, athletes and musicians. As in most of the world, football aka soccer, is the most popular sport and Ronaldinho has been one of its biggest stars, in Ghana and everywhere. This portrait of the great Ronaldinho measures 36 1/2 x 25 3/4″ (93 x 65 cm). It is painted on the back of a sign that was used for advertising an agency of the old phone company called Buzz (now called Tigo), thus it was recycled by the Ronaldinho artist. In this rendition of this famous man, he is wearing a yellow & green Brazilian football jersey emblazoned with the number 10, one of the most popular numbers in football (soccer), worn by Pele, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Neymar, among others: all the greatest football players of the world. Ronaldinho has his index finger in the air, the number one, the best. He seems to be in motion, maybe running, with his black hair streaming behind him. The painting is framed in white; it’s a little bit worn which is common on a genuine, older, used sign.

    Weight 15 lbs
    Dimensions 44 x 34 x 8 in


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