• Real Kente & Faux Leather Kufi Hat

    This type of hat is one of the hats most commonly worn by men in West Africa. In Ghana, where these are made, the men who wear these feel they are embracing their very own, traditional rich Ashanti/Asante culture when they wear such a hat. Many Americans know it as a “kufi”, a “koofy” or a “coofy”, the hat worn by Muslims when they pray. It is also known as a skull cap or a beanie. The beauty of this hat is the band of genuine, traditional Ashanti kente cloth (not fake, reproduced cloth, made to look like kente; it’s the real cloth) around the full perimeter of this attractive men’s hat. Kente cloth is traditionally woven of silk but is now more commonly woven, by hand, of rayon. The black part looks like black leather but is a synthetic substitute for leather that African hat makers use to keep the price down. African men tend to wear these on top of their head, like a crown, so we have had these made to meet American/Western standards whereby the hat can cover the head, conforming to the shape of the man’s (or woman’s) head. You can order this hat in any size so it will fit easily on any American man’s (or woman’s) head.

    Weight 1 lbs


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