• Vintage coin silver Tuareg “medicine” ring – size 13

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      This thin, constructed, etched coin silver ring, commonly worn by Tuareg people as a means of protection from all threats, unusually features symbols on the interior, not on the exterior of the ring.

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    The symbols on this ring refer to verses in the Koran, verses which serve a protective function to whomever wears the ring. Whether or not the actual significance of the symbols is known the ring still assures the good health, safety and success of him (or her) who wears it. This is an extraordinary ring because the protective symbols are on the INSIDE of the ring, visible to no one until it is removed. We can only guess why the owner of this ring would have preferred that the symbols be so hidden: perhaps the intended effect would be greater if the symbols are in direct contact with the skin, or, perhaps it is a function of the preference of the owner to keep the symbols private, that they not be visible to other people. The outside of the ring is smooth, with no design at all. Although its exact age is not known, it clearly was used a long time before we bought it. Size 13.

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