• Baule Goli Mask Red

    This is one of the most recognized of African mask forms. It is also the mask whose dance is the most commonly performed in Ivory Coast, whether for sacred, ritual or entertainment purposes. This mask is called kple kple; the dance ceremony is Goli. Normally danced in pairs, 4 such pairs may appear in a single dance ceremony which can last all day in the Baule village where the event occurs. That event could be a funeral or just a visit by an important national figure. This mask shows signs of wear and use which indicate its authenticity. It measures 14 1/2″ tall (37 cm). As is typical of this type of mask the shape of the face is round and flat with two horns on top. It features long, stylized eyes and a small rectangular, horizontal mouth. There are small holes in the mask through which the dancer can see but the eyes of the mask itself appear to be the protuberances at the top of each elongated eye shape painted on the face. Each of these “eyes” is painted black on the top of them. Most Kple Kple masks are either black or red. This one is primarily red with black horns and black and white lines around the eyes and white “teeth” in the mouth. The tips of the horns are painted white and there are white accents painted at the base of each horn. For more information please see the book, “African Art Western Eyes” by Susan M. Vogel.

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