• Old Ceramic Bowl/Rawhide Shank Pipe – Mali

    This pipe measures 6 1/4″ (15.9 cm) overall, front to back. This is a very common pipe design in Africa, much more common than the more artistic, carved versions. The stummel, its bowl and shank, is composed of two parts: a round black ceramic bowl and a caramel brown rawhide shank. The rawhide would have fit tightly around the bottom half of the bowl except that it has become partially detached over many years of continual use. There is leather stitching to tighten the shank around the stem. The stem (mouthpiece) is made of a long metal tube which has discolored with age and looks very brass-like. The metal tube fits securely into the rawhide shank. This pipe was used for a long time, many years, before being sold by whomever owned it. The top 1/4″ of the bowl is smooth but most of the top half of it is etched in parallel lines running up and down. The bottom half of the bowl is smooth black ceramic. The metal tube is straight along its entire length but there is a short “incision” in the bottom of it, halfway along its length. It is unclear why this would have occurred. The end of the stem is flattened slightly and also has a couple of small tears in it. The black ceramic bowl is shiny with use. The rawhide is wrinkled and has a tear in it resulting from its having been well used. There is black residue on the inside of the chamber and it smells of tobacco. All of these characteristics are the proof of this pipe’s age and authenticity; the entire pipe is in very good condition. Not being a pipe smoker myself I cannot guarantee that this pipe could be smoked as it is but I believe it could be.

    Weight 2.0 lbs


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