• Lightweight Raffia Ladies’ Wide Brim Solid Color Sun Hat with bows from Madagascar

    This beautiful, comfortable hat is fashionable and functional, providing great protection from the sun and looks great. The raffia is very flexible so all of these hats fit just about everyones’ head: one size fits all. You can wear this hat in several different ways, different looks. Raffia are the veins of the leaves of the raffia palm. As a common plant in Madagascar it is renewable and plentiful. The color is achieved with natural vegetable dyes which maintain their vivid colors for a long time. The brims vary from 6 to 7″ (15-18 cm) wide; the overall diameter is 20-21″ (51-53 cm). All the hats have a band around the crown accented with a bow, either a small, simple one or a larger, butterfly style bow. The hat can easily be rolled for travel. Please order by the number of the hat of your choice, according to the color and style you like. Many colors are available. Those we have in stock how are those of which photographs are shown here above: 3 shades of orange – pale “sunrise orange” (#34), medium “carrot orange” (#’s 31, 36 & 38) and a fully saturated “fire orange” (#35), 2 shades of light green – “pear green” (#32) and “chartreuse” (#33), one shade of blue, “lapis” (#37) and one shade of purple, “lilac” (#39).

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 23 x 23 x 12 in


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