• Multi-colored Woven Cotton Kufi Hat – Wide Variety of Colors – XL size

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      One of the hats most commonly worn by men in West Africa, many Americans know it as a “kufi”, “skull cap”. It is woven completely of cotton, by hand. These are the largest of the 3 sizes we have. Please order by the letters in the photos.

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    This is one of the hats most commonly worn by men in West Africa. In Burkina Faso, where these are made, they are called “bonnets”. Many Americans know it as a “kufi”, a “koofy” or a “coofy”, the hat worn by Muslims when they pray. It is also known as a skull cap or a beanie. It is woven completely of cotton, by hand. African men tend to wear these on top of their head, like a crown so we have had these made to meet American/Western standards whereby the hat can cover the head, conforming to the shape of the man’s (or woman’s) head. We have classified them into 4 size categories. Those pictured here are all the largest size we have. I regret I have no way to be more specific about the sizes but to give you an idea of the way they fit, I measured my own head: 22″ all the way around. Those I am here calling XL are those that fit very loosely on my head, more loosely than most people would prefer a hat to fit. Therefore, if your head measures more than 22″ around then this is the hat that may fit your head. When you order please be sure to indicate the letter of the hat you prefer. Please select the one you like best; we will send that very hat.

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